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YGAM have a dedicated team to support you, your university and the students in your care.

Did you know?

24% of Students are at risk of problem gambling
YGAM & Redbrick 2019
56% of disordered gamblers still in university have seriously considered dropping out
YGAM & Redbrick 2019
48% of students who game every day say it has got in the way of their academic performance
YGAM & Redbrick 2019
1:10 students used some or all of their student loan to gamble.
NUS 2019
1 in 12 students who gamble are already classed as problem gamblers
YGAM & Redbrick 2019
67% of students would consider using cryptocurrency to pay for university costs
Unihomes 2021
25% of regular gamers say it has had a negative effect on exam performance and 36% who game every day say it has impacted on their social life
YGAM & Redbrick 2019
Three in five students have gambled in some way over the past 12 months
NUS & Gambling Commission 2019
Around half (48%) of students who gamble do so to make money
NUS & Gambling Commission 2019
1 in 8 will bet more than they can afford to lose
NUS & Gambling Commission 2019
Almost 1 in 10 have used all or some of student loan to gamble
NUS & Gambling Commission 2019
Nearly a quarter feel guilty when gambling
NUS & Gambling Commission 2019
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We can help

We are able to offer you. Pick and Mix from the below.

FREE City & Guild Assured training for university staff

This can be delivered online or on campus.

FREE Access to The Gambling Support University Tour
where we will come to your campus with:
  • An exhibition stand with reps to talk to students
  • Distribution of leaflets for student containing advice and support
  • Posters promoting support and advice
  • Content to share on your social media channels
  • Lecture visits

Meet the Team

Jimmy Parkin
Education Manager

Jimmy has over 9 years’ experience in the Further and Higher Education sector, holding various roles from managing the cross-college PSHE and enrichment programme to delivering an extensive number of subjects including Enterprise, Gambling Awareness and GCSE English. Jimmy has developed and led campaigns on campus to support students and has involved students in their creation. He is an advocate for students, ensuring he works closely with a range of organisations and professionals to ensure they have the tools and information to support students.

Jimmy joined YGAM in June 2021 as Education Manager for Yorkshire and the Humber on the Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme. Most recently he joined the University Student Engagement team helping to shape the content and delivery of the programme to support University staff and students’ knowledge and awareness of gaming and gambling-related harm.

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